Bulk SMS marketing will BOOST your sales and INCREASE your brand awareness.

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Why Bulk SMS Marketing is the way to go.


Bulk SMS Advertising is Cheaper than Other Media like Newspapers and Commercial Television Ads. Interestingly, African Bulk SMS is the cheapest bulk SMS provider in South Africa.

Higher Open Rates

SMS text messages have open rates of not less than 98% compared to e-mail adverts whose average open rate is 20%.


You get a report on the extent of reach of your SMS message. That is, how many targeted customers were reached. You don't leave your fate to chance like in the case of TV advertising.

Wide Coverage

With over 87 million Smartphones in South Africa (National Population is 57.7 million), this is a ready market worth advertising to.


SMS is the quickest way to spread information to communities. NGOs, political parties, churches or other community groups can take advantage of speedy communication through mass texting.

Who is the Best Bulk SMS Service provider in South Africa?

The 18 reasons listed below will show you why African Bulk SMS is arguably the best bulk SMS service provider in South Africa and beyond.

  1. Reliable, free support.
  2. Extremely fast delivery of your text messages.
  3. SMS delivery anywhere in the world (not limited to South Africa).
  4. High performance sms gateway servers (appliances) that can have a message blast (text blast) of not less than 4800 sms messages per minute.
  5. Guaranteed delivery with Tier 1 networks. We do not use grey routes.  Grey routes are cheap, substandard and at times illegal routes with no guarantee of your text messages.
  6. User friendly cloud based SMS portal that can send messages to all countries globally.
  7. Customise your sender ID with your brand name.
  8. No bulk sms software installation necessary on your computer. Our web based system is accessible from anywhere in the world.
  9. Get statistics on transmitted messages.
  10. Your SMS Credits never expire.
  11. Get peace of mind with a secure 256-bit SSL encrypted connection.
  12. Long 1224 character limit (we recommend 160 characters so that the message is not brocken down to pieces, of course).
  13. Send bulk text messages by uploading your contact database from an Excel or CSV file.
  14. No setup fees.
  15. No extra charges.
  16. Get notifications when your credit balance is running low.
best bulk sms service provider in south africa

Speedy Delivery of SMS, in Seconds

SMS Prices are Low, have High ROI

Personalised Messages to Individual Clients

Highly Targeted, Higher Response Rates

Large Mobile Coverage, no need for Data Bundles

High Open Rates, 98% Compared to 20% for Email

Advantages of Bulk SMS Text messaging

Bulk SMS is the best solution for any organisation, big or small. Below are the major advantages of a Bulk SMS Service system:

  • SMS text messages have a high Open Rate of 98%. Compare this with e-mail adverts that have an average Open Rate of just 20%.
  • SMS messages are opened within 5 minutes of delivery.  That is what you need in an advert. This cannot be compared to email.
  • Email open rate goes down to as low as zero percent after just 24 hours.
  • Text messaging is cheaper compared to conventional methods of advertising like television or newspapers. Check our bulk sms pricing list. Even small companies can compete significantly against large corporations with huge advertising budgets through SMS messages.  SMS messages do compete favourably against traditional media like commercial TV adverts and other outdoor media like billboards.
  • An SMS advert has a longer life span compared to other media like the newspaper. 
  • A newspaper advert becomes stale the moment the date changes.  On the contrary, a text message remains prominently highlighted as long as it has not been read yet.
  • Speedy delivery – reach your target audience in a matter of minutes.  Through bulk SMS, any emergencies can be communicated within the shortest possible amount of time.  Compared to traditional forms of advertising like newspapers and television ads, SMS text message delivery is almost instant.  Studies have shown that messages are read within 5 minutes of delivery.  This means that there is very high engagement compared to other advertising forms.
  • SMS messages can be highly targeted.  Gone are the days of legacy forms of advertising survived on the hope that an advert would reach the right audience.    This is because SMS is a permission-based service.  You send messages to people who have had some form of interaction with your business before.  This makes making a sale a lot easier.  Also, through the use of Short Codes, a customer can opt in or out your SMS service.
  •  Just like mail-merge in word processing applications, an SMS message can be customised to match your customer. Give your customers a personal touch through SMS texting.  This increases your likelihood of making a sale.
  • You do not need to have data bundle subscription to receive a text message.  Apps like Whatsapp and Viber require you to have data bundles for you to communicate.  All that you need is to be within reach of your cell phone network.  This is an advantage of text messaging especially in Africa and South Africa in particular where smartphones are expensive. 

How much does Bulk SMS Cost?

Free SMS Trial

(10 sms credits)

R0 per SMS

Please note that you get free sms credits during the trial period.  The trial period is 7 days. At the end of the trial period, you will definitely be convinced of a return on your investment.

Basic SMS Plan

(Under 2K Messages)

R0.274 per SMS

Please note that actual pricing is USD 0.0185 per SMS.  The Rand price above is just a price guide due to fluctuations in the Rand.  Please refer to the Currency Converter below for the latest and more accurate exchange rate.  

Bronze SMS Plan

(2K or more messages)

R0.216 per SMS

Please note that actual pricing is USD 0.0146 per SMS.  The Rand price above is just a price guide due to fluctuations in the Rand.  Please refer to the Currency Converter below for the latest and more accurate exchange rate.  

Gold SMS Plan

(10K or more messages)

R0.185 per SMS

Please note that actual pricing is USD 0.0125 per SMS.  The Rand price above is just a price guide due to fluctuations in the Rand.  Please refer to the Currency Converter below for the latest and more accurate exchange rate.  

Platinum SMS Plan

(100K or more messages)

R0.154 per SMS

Please note that actual pricing is USD 0.0104 per SMS.  The Rand price above is just a price guide due to fluctuations in the Rand.  Please refer to the Currency Converter below for the latest and more accurate exchange rate.  

Our bulk SMS prices are listed in United States Dollars.  This is to ensure that your number of SMS credits is consistent and does not change with the fluctuation of the Rand.  The credits you buy do not expire.

  Please refer to the exchange rate calculator in the Bulk SMS Price page for today’s Rand equivalent.

Our Bulk SMS Marketing for Business System will not disappoint you.

how bulk sms works in South Africa
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How do I send a Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS (Short Message Service) enables you to send a single message to thousands of people at once.

You will need to have an account with an SMS Messaging service provider like Bulksmsafrica.co.za who will provide you with your sms portal login details. 

Other SMS service providers include SMS Web, Vodacom and SMS Portal.

All you have to do is login to your portal account and compose your text message.

Our online SMS portal is web based, meaning you do not need to install anything on your computer.  Others can be apps that you have to download.

Compose your text message as shown below.

send a bulk sms message

Send the message.  Within seconds, the message would have been routed numerous cellular networks to your clients or potential customers.

Clients do not need fancy smartphones for them to receive your message. Basic or feature phones still popular in South Africa and most third-world countries can easily receive your sms text.

The price of bulk SMS advertising is far less compared to traditional advertising media like newspapers and televisions.

Refer to the video to take a look at how the sms system works in South Africa.

Also refer to the Bulk SMS price table  and choose a plan that suits your pocket

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