Institutions that have not yet signed up for bulk SMS for schools are missing out.  There is a lot of benefit in using SMS messaging. Below are the reasons.

bulk sms for schools in South Africa

Bulk SMS for Schools Reduces Absenteeism

The Department of Education produced a document on Learner Absenteeism in the South African Schooling System.

The research looked for common reasons for absenteeism.  These included poverty, lack of transport and illness.

Other factors affecting school attendance mentioned were lack of parental support and food insecurity.

A school bulk SMS system would be able to reduce such cases.  The school just needs to send an SMS to the guardians of the absent child.

Bulk texting reduces delays in schools communicating emergency announcements

Some schools like the American International School of Johannesburg have well documented emergency evacuation procedures.  Emergency alerts for such schools could be enhanced by sending bulk SMS to parents as well.

Event cancellation notices can quickly be sent through mass messaging

Imagine the embarrassment and inconvenience  of having parents and guests arrive only to be told that an event has been cancelled.  

This can be avoided by investing in bulk SMS in education.

Get in touch with African Bulk SMS and try our SMS portal.  We have competitive rates for our SMS packages. Our technical support team is ready to assist you.

Incidents of Report Card forgery are reduced through Bulk SMS messaging

A situation like the one that happened at Egagasini High School can be avoided.  In this incident, fake report cards were made for students.

Through SMS, parents are notified whenever reports are sent out.  

Mass SMS texting enhances attendance of critical school meetings

Schools with bulk SMS systems have seen higher parent participation in important events.  These include budget and school fees meetings.  

This is because with mass texting, SMS reminders can be sent out regularly.

Times to send the SMS reminders can be scheduled according to client zones for maximum engagement.

Bulk SMS for schools leads to better school fees collection.

Through bulk texting, reminders can easily be sent out at scheduled times to defaulting parents.

The SMS records can be used as evidence in the event of seeking compensation through the courts.

Situations like the one that happened in Durban can be avoided.  In this incident, the school was dragged to court by a disgruntled couple.

Homework reminders through bulk SMS improve student performance.

There are benefits in notifying parents about homework.  One of the benefits is that parents can assist the child with time planning.

These reminders greatly improve relations between the students, parents and school staff.

Bulk SMS has high user engagement

Unlike other forms of communication, bulk SMS has high user engagement of up to 98%.

It has also been found that clients usually open an SMS within 5 minutes of delivery.

Bulk SMS is affordable

Mass text messaging is a cheap and efficient way to send out information to parents, staff and students. Check out our rates.  Message delivery happens in seconds.

Progressive schools have to take advantage of mass texting.

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