Below is the bulk SMS price list.  Our base price is the United States dollar.  This is so as to hedge against fluctuations in the Rand price.  Your SMS credits do not expire.  Your number of credits do not decrease due to a fall in the Rand rate.  Please refer to the Currency Converter below to have a more accurate cost of your SMS texts in Rand.

USD (international) and Rand (estimates for South Africa)
Name of PackageNumber of SMSUSD price per SMSRand (Estimate) price per SMSNotes
Free SMS Plan10 Free SMS$0R0Get $0.5 worth of free bulk SMS credits and try the service. See how user-friendly it is.
Basic SMS PlanUnder 2k messages$0.0185R0.273Official prices are in USD due to fluctuations in the Rand. Refer to currency converter below for current rate.
Bronze SMS Plan2k or more messages$0.0146R0.215
Gold SMS Plan10k or more messages$0.0125R0.184
Platinum SMS Plan100k or more messages$0.0104R0.153
bulk sms price in south africa in Rand and USD

Currency Converter: USD/ZAR

For more information about the SMS plans, please feel free to contact us.  Also learn more about SMS text messaging by visiting our home page.  You may also want to check out this Youtube video on How Bulk SMS works too.

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