SMS has a lot of terms associated with it. Some of the terms are used interchangeably. Below are questions related to SMS and their simplified answers.

To send bulk SMS from PC to mobile, follow the following steps:

  1. Get an account with an SMS service provider like African Bulk SMS.

  2. Open your internet browser and type:

  3. Hit enter.

  4. The African Bulk SMS website opens.

  5. At the top of the page, click Send SMS.

  6. The SMS Portal opens.

  7. Click Create an account

  8. Choose your country, for example, South Africa.

  9. Fill in the rest of the form.

  10. Submit the completed form.

  11. Verify that you are a human being.

  12. Choose your country and enter your mobile number.

  13. Enter the code you received on your mobile phone and submit.

  14. Enter your SMS Portal Username, Password and Sign in.

  15. Your SMS dashboard opens

  16. Click SMS

  17. Click Send Quick SMS

  18. Enter the mobile number you want to send the text message to.

  19. You may send to more than one person by separating numbers using a semi-colon (;)

  20. Choose how you want the sender ID to appear.

  21. If you choose Your Business Name, it should be no more than 11 characters long.

  22. Type your message.

  23. Your SMS message should ideally be up to 160 characters long.

  24. Longer text messages will be split into two or more messages.

  25. Click Send Now

  26. Click Send

  27. Your message is sent.  That is now you send bulk sms from PC to a mobile device.

    Find out more tips on how to grow your business using bulk SMS marketing.

how to send bulk sms from pc to mobile
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An SMS gateway is a server or group of servers that enable you to send a bulk SMS campaign.

You may send your campaign to thousands of users at once.

The SMS gateway handles your connection to mobile networks around the world (close to 200 mobile networks in the case of African Bulk SMS.)

As you interact with your clients, the SMS gateway handles the transmission of your text message ensuring the following:

  1. Timely transmission of an SMS either immediately or at a scheduled time that you set.
  2. Handles all the replies that you get from your campaign.
  3. Handles all subscriptions or unsubscribe requests from your potential customers.

You connect to the SMS gateway only once and it handles all above for you.

how an sms gateway works

The stages that your SMS goes through are as follows:

  1. In your SMS portal, Compose your bulk SMS on your PC, iPad, phone or other internet connected device.  You will need to have an account with a reputable Bulk SMS service provider like African Bulk SMS.
  2. Send the single SMS to your list of recepients.  These will need to have been entered into your recepients database in your SMS portal,
  3. When satisfied, click the send button.
  4. Your single message is then forwarded to your SMS service provider’s gateway.
  5. Your gateway handles issues like:
    • Who is the client?
    • Which one is the client’s cellular network?
    • When is the best time to send the message to this cellular network?
    • How many messages have been sent?
    • How many replies do you have?
    • How many unsubscribe requests do you have?
  6. Cellular network providers receive messages from the SMS gateway and forward it to the individual clients.  Cellphone users then read the bulk text message you would have sent.
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Depending on your Bulk SMS Pricing plan the SMS cost ranges from as little as USD$0.0104 (about ZAR 0.153) to USD$0.0185 (about ZAR 0.275 at the time of writing.) Choose a price plan below to match your budget.

USD (international) and Rand (estimates for South Africa)
Free SMS Plan10 Free SMS$0R0Get $0.5 worth of free bulk SMS credits and try the service. See how user-friendly it is.
Basic SMS PlanUnder 2k messages$0.0185R0.273Official prices are in USD due to fluctuations in the Rand. Refer to currency converter for current rate.
Bronze SMS Plan2k or more messages$0.0146R0.215
Gold SMS Plan10k or more messages$0.0125R0.184
Platinum SMS Plan100k or more messages$0.0104R0.153
bulk sms price in south africa in Rand and USD
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SMS stands for Simple Message Service while MMS refers to Multimedia Messaging Service.

In the case of SMS, you send a plain text message of up to 160 characters per SMS. Longer text will be broken down to multiple SMS messages.

The multimedia messaging service message is made up of 3 parts. The three parts are the title, media and up to 500 characters of text.

MMS may include emojis and other media like pictures in the form of jpg, gif, a vcard or even video. This makes sending Multimedia Messaging Service messages more expensive than SMS because they use more data.

mms versus sms
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SMS messages may be free to send. This mainly depends on the mobile operator or service provider you have an account with.

Some service providers like African Bulk SMS will give you free-to-try SMS credits. At the end of the trial period, you are free to choose a bulk SMS price plan to continue using the service.

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SMS stands for Simple Message Service.

This is a technology of sending text messages, usually from one mobile phone to another using a cellular network.

Other devices may also be used for sending text messages, for example, a laptop.

Bulk texting can help your business since one message can be sent to thousands of cell phone users at the same time. is a cost-effective way of selling your products and services.

It is known that 98% of users will check their cell phones within 5 minutes of delivery of an SMS message. This makes SMS an effective way of advertising your products.

What does SMS mean?

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The video below will show you how you can send an SMS easily.

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